How to use electric fan is healthy

2020-06-16 15:20

After the arrival of summer, we often blowing on the fan, the fan will be placed in a position very close to the body for a long time to blow without stopping, in this way, ultimately leading to the body's blood circulation is out of balance sweat excretion is also unbalanced, may occur headache, dizziness, general discomfort and other symptoms, serious can also induce a stroke.

So famous electric fan brand how to correctly use and placement?

1. electric fan open wind speed should not be too large, indoor wind speed is better controlled at 0.2-0.5 m / s, especially in the better ventilated room and in the place where there is a crosswind, the wind speed of the electric fan should not be too large.

2. electric fan should not be blowing against the person, blowing, the wind is easy to invade the body, especially in the body is weak or sweaty, better to let the electric fan towards a corner blowing. Children, the elderly, frail people, it is more appropriate to use less fan blowing, but can be used to adjust the indoor airflow of the electric fan, to indirectly reduce the temperature. Sweating more can not be directly close to the electric fan blowing, so as not to cause the body surface sweating obstacles, leading to the destruction of the human body circulation, which is very easy to cause a stroke.

3. Sleep when the wind should not be turned on too much, people sleep, the human body circulation slows down, and this time is the human body for the fragile time, the wind is too large blowing against the human body, will cause the human body is extremely uncomfortable, serious stroke will occur.

4. should not turn on the fan for a long time, turn on the fan for too long, the body will produce discomfort. The human body temperature will be reduced with the evaporation of sweat, over time, it is easy to cause colds, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, to be appropriate to open, it is recommended that the opening time of about 1 hour is appropriate.

5. Correct placement is also very important, electric fans should not be too close to the human body, too close to the wind makes the blood circulation and sweat circulation gap is too large, the nerves will be out of balance, the human body organs will feel tired, so that the whole body feels uncomfortable. Priority position of the electric fan placed about 2 meters from the human body, so that the wind is more gentle and even.

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