Ice point strike new seven days electrical appliances network May Day home appliance promotion

2019-09-25 15:53

At present, the new seven days for white home appliances ice washing products and air conditioning products coming in the peak season to start a full range of promotional offers, a variety of novel styles, powerful inverter white goods have become people's attention, in order to meet the new seven days of May Day to launch a variety of bestselling frost-free refrigerators, inverter air conditioners, tumble dryer washing machines and other white goods, which is a TCL XQB50-36SP washer market price of ¥ 1,232, the new seven days of special price of 899 yuan. Since March, Gree air conditioning has begun to scale into the new seven days and granted the first network channel "trade-in" policy, the higher subsidies can be directly reduced by 350 yuan. Such as Gree air conditioner KFR-32GW/K(32556)A1-N1 Gree official website 2129 yuan 10% subsidy according to the amount of the transaction for 1916.1 yuan after the freezing price.

  With the network shopping market fire and its supply, after-sales and other aspects of the perfect, especially large home appliances network shopping this channel's unique advantages are getting more and more prominent show. Hang Min, executive vice president of the new seven days of appliances network, said: Compared with traditional channels, online shopping malls are more attractive promotional efforts, the market response speed is also faster. In order to prepare for the May Day promotional activities, the new seven days to come up with tens of thousands of commodities and best-selling new products to match the market activities, cell phones, small household appliances is the lower discount up to 50% off the freezing point price to seize the May Day gold market.