How to choose an air conditioning fan

2020-06-16 15:22

Do not think that the electric fan is just a simple small home appliances, now Gree has brought a high-end design of the electric fan, it is not only convenient and easy to use, but also has multiple humanized design, to bring a different kind of enjoyment.

After a week of rainy and sunny weather, the air-conditioning fans and electric fans in the home appliance stores have ushered in another round of sales climax.

  As a traditional home appliance electric fan is the beginning of our childhood memories, and the new noble air conditioning fan famous electric fan brand over the years also began to gradually become the mainstream products on the market, then we might as well take a look at a few hot products on the market, in the hot summer to bring a silk cool experience.

  Air conditioning fan combines the advantages of air conditioning and electric fan, such as air conditioning blowing machine wind, and need to be in a closed environment, easy to make people feel uncomfortable. Although the fan is natural wind, but if the environment is very dirty that blowing wind is also very dirty. And a large part of the air conditioning fan has a dust mesh can filter the air, if the dust mesh and then a layer of photocatalyst can also play the effect of sterilization. Air conditioning fan in the start of cooling only 60-80W and refrigerator, so it does not cost electricity!