How did the power cord for the fan get shorter?

2020-06-16 15:20

Ms. Li bought a few days ago a brand of a high-grade fan, ready to use but found that the new fan power cord can not reach the wall socket, while the home of the same brand of fan has been using the socket. Ms. Lee brought a ruler, found that the new fan power cord than the original short more than 30 centimeters. Under no circumstances, Ms. Lee bought a new power outlet to connect.

    Downtown, a mall sales staff also reflected that many home appliances power lines have continued to shorten the trend, especially some small appliances, the power line to shorten the trend is more pronounced. For example, the original some brands of microwave ovens, induction cookers and rice cookers and other products of the power cord length of 150 centimeters or so, but now most of them are only 120 centimeters or so, some even less than 100 centimeters. In addition to the same category of different brands of electrical products, the power cord length gap is also larger, for example, a foreign brand of washing machine power cord, than another foreign brand of washing machine power cord is more than 70 centimeters long.

    In the purchase of home appliances, few people pay attention to the length of the power cord, which also gives manufacturers quietly "deduct" the length of the power cord space. Famous electric fan brand and the manufacturer's main motive is to save production costs. A brand of home appliance manufacturers in gold responsible person said that the main raw materials of the power cord is pure copper and plastic, and the price of these two raw materials are soaring, coupled with the price of home appliances more and more fierce price wars, some manufacturers in order to save costs, in the power cord on the brain. Although a power cord cost savings are limited, but for mass production the total amount is considerable. Manufacturers of the practice of drilling the absence of national standards. The relevant national standards only on the upper limit of the length of the power cord restrictions, such as the current less than 3 amps, cross-sectional area of less than 0.5 square millimeters of the power cord length of no more than 2 meters, but the lower limit of the length of the power cord is not required.

    Although the length of the power cord on the appliance itself has no direct impact on the use of safety, but if the power cord is too short, consumers will have to buy another socket, which not only increases the cost of using a certain amount of sockets, there are certain safety hazards, and in addition from the point of view of the home environment is not aesthetically pleasing. Industry insiders remind the public, especially in the renovation of the new house of the public, the purchase of electrical appliances may wish to check the length of the power cord of the prototype store, which to design the location of the power outlet, so as to avoid the installation of electrical appliances to bring unnecessary trouble.