Eight things to consider when choosing an electric fan

2020-06-16 15:20

Seeing that the weather is getting hotter and hotter, it's time to buy a fan of the season, electric fans as a summer routine often to use small appliances, purchase is to pay attention to a lot of issues. Otherwise, when the time to buy home to find that the electricity is not good to use is a small matter, if this led to a number of threats to the safety of the incident, it is really not worth it, today I summarize the 8 points in the purchase of electric fans need to be the main place.

1. Look at the random file

Random documents for each fan include instruction manuals, certificates of conformity, electrical wiring diagrams and packing lists, when purchased in accordance with the packing list inventory, check the number and quality of parts.

2. Whether there is obvious deformation of the mesh cover and fan blades

In the assembled fan mesh, with a pen pointing to a fan blade higher point, slowly move the fan blade, several other fan blade corresponding point and the distance between the tip of the pen should be very similar, and then rotate the fan blade, pay attention to whether the rotation is light and flexible, and can be stopped in any position.

3. See whether the control mechanism is flexible

Control mechanism including speed switch, timing knob, rocker switch, light switch, etc., these control mechanisms should be flexible, reliable contact. China's top ten brands of electric fans on the speed gear, do not allow two gears at the same time to connect or a block of the phenomenon of not going down. Press the stop button, the speed gear key should be normal reset.

4. Look at the active part of the performance

Electric fan fan head swooping, tilting the angle of operation is flexible, locking firmly, adjusted to a larger angle or shake the head to the end position, the mesh shall not touch the fan strut. When the fan is running, the stability should be good, can not be tilted, shaking the head angle should not be less than 60-80 degrees.

5. Look at the starting performance

Starting performance is an important quality indicator of electric fans. Inspection, should be adjusted in the slow gear, and at 85% of the rated voltage in the power supply, that is, with a voltage regulator 220 volts down 187 volts to start the fan, the electric phoenix fan should be able to start from a standstill, and normal operation, a fan from the start of the normal operation of the fan to the shorter the time needed to start the better the performance of the fan motor.

6. Look at the operation and speed performance

After power on the rocker switch back and forth several times to check whether the failure or assembly is too tight, in the process, the fan mechanical transmission part should not have abnormal noise. When the fan is running at high, medium and low speeds, the motor and fan blades should be smooth, with little vibration and low noise. Fan shaking head, stopping should be agile, no intermittent, stagnant and shaking phenomenon, the difference between the speed of each gear should be obvious, the greater the angle of air supply the better. In the fan stops, the axial clearance of the rotor shaft does not exceed 0.5 centimeters, the clearance is too large, the operation will cause axial flutter and impact sound.

7. See whether the leakage

After the fan is energized, if there is a strong sense of numbness when touched by hand, and tested with a test pen, the test pen also glows, it can be determined that the shell leakage, not optional.

8. Look at the continuous running performance of the electric fan

After 2 hours of continuous operation of the fan, if the head shell surface is hot, indicating that the temperature is too high, can not be selected. Under normal circumstances, the head shell surface temperature below 50 ℃, will not have a very hot feeling.