Whole-house Internet appliances take a step forward in development

2019-09-25 15:51

With the rapid development of China's science and technology, Internet information technology is also more popular, just like the smart phone has become a necessity of people's lives, "smart" products have also become the mainstream direction of modern industrial product development, including the field of smart home. In the 2019 AWE venue, although almost every product with intelligent features, but the concept of whole-house Internet home appliances can still attract more attention, for the crowd to bring its interpretation of the smart home and enjoy.

As a cutting-edge innovative technology, "smart" products have always been the world's attention, and many brands have also grasped the development of this industry trend, have joined the queue of intelligent product production. As a "newcomer" in the field of smart home appliances, Yunmu not only has a precise positioning, but also provides high-quality and stable products, Yunmu whole-house Internet home appliances innovative concepts more so that it has a head start in the smart home market.

Not only that, the whole-house Internet home appliances nearly also released the program of AI, IOT and home appliances fusion, showing people an Internet home lifestyle. In the Yunmi whole-house Internet home appliance program, appliances such as refrigerators, water purifiers, washing machines and dishwashers can be interacted with through the control system of Yunmi whole-house Internet home appliance to form a complete home life system, providing people with a more convenient life.

The reason why whole-house Internet home appliances can form a conscientious ecological chain and be sought after by the times, a big reason is that Yunmi in the previous layout of the artificial intelligence laboratory AI LAB, research and exploration of voice control, face/image recognition, gesture control, algorithmic big data and other application technology, and has achieved better results.

With the development of social science and technology, the concept of "intelligent" home appliances is becoming more and more familiar to people, and the debut of the Yunmu whole-house Internet home appliances will certainly be the direction of the industry, to help realize the new life people envision.