One-button start intelligent washing and drying machine review

2019-09-25 17:10

Since summer, we wash clothes more and more often, basically every day to change the clothes, but many people have no concept of how much clothing should be put how much detergent, are often estimated to pour, which is likely to lead to two results: detergent put more, the formation of residue, in the long run, children and people with sensitive skin will appear many allergic symptoms; detergent put less, the clothes do not wash clean, the same in the The skin health is unfavorable. In addition, office workers often choose to wash clothes at night because of work reasons, often by the vibration of the washing machine can not sleep, and may affect the sleep of neighbors, summer laundry frequently often also cause the clothes to dry no clothes to wear trouble ...... If you also have these troubles, it may be your home washing machine pot.

  Whirlpool's new emperor series of washing and drying machine can be a solution to these small embarrassment, it can not only according to the material and weight of the clothes automatically put detergent, but also has a number of healthy laundry function. Today, this value and strength of the product came to the evaluation room of China's State Grid, let's take a look at how it really performs!

  Simple and elegant design won the iF Design Award

  Just unboxing, the appearance of the emperor washing machine let me call out beautiful, and ordinary washing and drying machine is different, Whirlpool emperor washing and drying machine (WDD100944BAOW) is a one-piece front panel, with Whirlpool's unique sixth sense of interaction knob, 15 ° gold tilt panel design is more ergonomic, no need to bend down to easily manipulate the washing machine. It is worth mentioning that this product won the 2019 German iF Industrial Design Award, and the simple yet design is instantly recognizable.

The unique feather inner cylinder imitates the natural sagging arc of the feather, which reduces the wear and tear of the clothes in the process of wrestling, and the laser seamless welding is smooth and even, even if you wash cashmere and silk clothes, it will not hook the silk and hang broken; the door seal of the washing machine is made of nanometer antibacterial materials, with an antibacterial efficiency of 99%, which effectively solves the problem of bacterial growth and moldy and long spots on the door seal.