It is a national high-tech enterprise and a patent demonstration enterprise. It is a professional enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of air purifiers, water purifiers and other environmental protection products, with precision machining workshop for core components, national standard R & D center, technology center and standard laboratory in the industry.
Ultra-smart product service at home
The basic task of process design is to ensure that the requirements of the products produced, to develop high-quality product manufacturing process procedures, and to develop a trial production of the product.
The inside of the equipment and air duct system is clean and does not require frequent cleaning and maintenance. Adopting DC brushless inverter motor, it saves 40% electricity than traditional motor, and only 1 degree of electricity is needed for common household use, which greatly reduces the burden of the product.
Significant reduction in energy consumption
Intelligent control system and AI control interface are adopted to make the equipment give full play to its performance and always be in a better state to meet the comfort requirements and reduce energy consumption to a greater extent. The electrostatic dust collector can filter more than 90% PM2.5, greatly reducing the burden on the filter and extending its life by two times.
Providing you with safe, healthy
Suitable for medium-sized space, home or office space is not a good choice. Provide you with safe, healthy and pure indoor air, so you can enjoy every moment of healthy and clean breathing, intelligent is also an indispensable function of the current air purifier, just cell phone scanning code to connect to the purifier, at any time and anywhere you can easily check the air quality at home, but also on the air purifier for remote control!
Every product is progress
The company's products cover home, car, commercial air purifiers, large-scale water treatment, waste gas treatment, atmospheric monitoring equipment. Our products have obtained a number of authoritative certificates at home and abroad, such as China Brand, ISO International Quality Management, NSF of the United States, CE of Europe, CASS of Canada and so on.
Humanized Juicer Series
Indoor humidifier series, purifier series
Small water dispenser series
Real-time attention to industry information
Real-time attention to the industry's new dynamics, earlier to grasp the new information, accurate time to choose the right thing!